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Family Owned & Operated

What started as a father & son operation has evolved into a small team of friends and family and those family values will always be at the core of Porterbuilt.

Established in 2000

For over a decade, Porterbuilt has been committed to the development of high performance suspension systems for classic Chevrolet & Ford trucks.

The Original Dropmember

Pioneers of the Original “Dropmember”, Porterbuilt has redesigned the way classic truck owners update their suspension.

Front Dropmember

Our bolt-in front suspension systems are designed to increase your trucks ground clearance while improving both ride quality and performance. Our Front Dropmember system’s features include:

  • Modular Motor Mounts
  • Tubular Control Arms
  • Rack & Pinion Steering
  • Airbags or Adjustable Coil-over Shocks

The Front Dropmember also narrows the track width and improves suspension geometry for better handling; but most of all gives you that killer stance. We currently offer the Front Dropmember in the following configurations: Level 1 (Mild), Level 2 (Touring) and Level 3 (Extreme).

Rear Dropmember

Rear Dropmember suspension systems are also available from Porterbuilt. Each kit is designed with both ride quality and performance in mind. Our Rear Dropmember system's features include:

  • Trailing Arm or 4-Link
  • Inboard or Outboard Mounts
  • Airbags or Adjustable Coil-over Shocks
  • Bolt-in or Weld-In Notch Options

Designed to be paired with our Front Dropmember, each kit is compatible with both long and short bed trucks. We currently offer the Front Dropmember in the following configurations: Level 1 (Mild), Level 2 (Touring) and Level 3 (Extreme).

Quality Components

Quality Over Quantity. You've heard it before but we take quality extremely serious at Porterbuilt. We hand cut, form and weld each and every part in the USA.

  • Hood Hinges
  • Stage Kits
  • Rear Notches
  • Inner Frame Stiffener

We know these trucks inside and out. Each part is designed and built with the GM factory tolerances in mind. We stand behind our parts 100%. If you aren't satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.

The Porterbuilt Difference

The one question we get asked every day, "Why does it take so long to get my parts?". The answer is simple: We aren't willing to compromise quality to push parts out the door. We're committed to maintaining a high-level of quality and are willing to sacrifice speed to ensure you, our customer, receives the absolute best. Sure, we could cut corners, lower our standards, partially weld certain components, or even outsource parts to trim dowm our production time, but that goes against everything Porterbuilt stands for.