1963-72 Chevy Pickup Front Dropmember, Level 2 Coilover


The 1963-72 Chevy Pickup Front Dropmember Coilover suspension system is designed to replace the factory cross-member and steering system. It is engineered as a modular bolt-in unit that requires no welding.
When combined with a 2.5” drop spindle, 29” tall tire, and Porterbuilt Tubular Control Arms, the Level 2 Front will set the bottom of the cab approx. 4-6" inches off the ground at ride height.

Ride Height - 4-6"

1963-72 Dropmember Level 2 Front Coilover

The Version 7, Level 2 Front Dropmember system for 1963-72 Chevy Pickups is designed to replace the factory cross-member and steering system. Engineered as a modular bolt-in unit, its advantages include:

  • - Revised suspension geometry for improved performance and ride quality
  • - Rack and pinion steering for increased steering response
  • - Proper wheel center-line placement (sets the wheel center-line in the middle of the wheel well opening for a more balanced look)
  • - Narrowed trac-width (Level 2 narrows the trac- width approx. 1.25” per side)
  • - Added ground clearance over factory components

When combined with a 2.5” drop spindle, 29” tall tire, and Porterbuilt Tubular Control Arms, the Level 2 Front will set the bottom of the cab approx. 4-6" inches off the ground at ride height.

Basic Kit Includes:

  • - Main crossmember assembly (Dropmember)
  • - Inner truss support system
  • - Core support crossmember
  • - Grade 8 hardware for installation

Does NOT come powdercoated. All parts come raw.

The Version 7 Dropmember coilover system is only compatible with Porterbuilt Tubular Control Arms.

The Version 7 Dropmember coilover system DOES require modification of the factory inner fenders.

The Version 7 Dropmember coilover system requires the Rack & Pinion Hardware kit.

Designed to be paired with our Dropmember Level 2 Rear.

Options & Upgrades

Porterbuilt Motor Mounts (required)

Porterbuilt motor mounts bolt directly to the block and include all hardware necessary for installation. Available in a variety of configurations:
Small Block Chevy, SBC
Big Block Chevy, BBC

Porterbuilt Tubular Control Arms (required)

Porterbuilt tubular control arms are built using thick-wall DOM tubing and CNC cut 3/16 pickeled plate steel. All bushing pivot tubes and ball joint cups are TIG welded.


Rack & Pinion

Unisteer Rack & Pinion kits have everything you need to switch over to a standard ratio rack & pinion. Available in power or manual. Don't forget to add hoses and steering linkage.

Rack & Pinion Hardware (required)

The rack and pinion hardware kit connects the steering rack to the Dropmember and tie rod ends to the spindles. Includes billet rack mount bushings, high-quality rod ends, mis-alignment spacers, and custom machined tie rod adjuster sleeves.

Ridetech Coilovers

Ridetech Handling Quality (“HQ”) Coilover Series - The HQ coil-over allows the driver to tune and adjust the shock performance and/or ride quality at the turn of a knob located on the shock body. The HQ series is a rebound single adjustable shock.

Ridetech Track Quality (“TQ”) Coilover Series - The TQ coilover has a single rebound adjustment and a DUAL stage [high speed and low speed] compression adjustment. It uses a remote reservoir that is connected with a 30" braided line for easy installation in a variety of installation applications.

Sway Bar

This 1.25″ OD swaybar is manufactured by Porterbuilt, and is available for factory crossmember and Dropmember equipped trucks. It includes all mounting hardware.

Spindles & Brakes

CPP 2" Modular Drop Spindles - One-piece nodular iron design with pressed in alloy steel axle pin; installs with no modifications; allows early years to update to larger bearing. Lowers your truck 2" without moving the wheels out.

CPP Modular™ Drop Spindle Wheel Kits - Available in 5 or 6 lug, comes with 2" drop spindles, 12" rotors, and Wilwood calipers.

Wilwood Forged Narrow Superlite 6R Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hub) - Billet forged six-piston calipers with 14” rotors deliver the ultimate combination for braking power and style. These kits require the use of 18” and larger wheels. Only available for 5 lug applications.

Porterbuilt Transmission Crossmember

Porterbuilt transmission crossmembers are built using thick-wall 1.5" OD tubing and CNC cut 3/16 pickeled plate steel. Includes the necessary grade 8 hardware for installation.
An Energy Suspension transmission mounts is necessary. We recommend one of the two below for GM transmissions:
Energy Suspension 3.1108G GM Transmission Mount
Energy Suspension 3.1158G GM Transmission Mount - Short

Tech Information:

We recommend a 2-piece driveshaft for all Level 3 Dropmember kits.

All Dropmember kits require the use of a 30" steering column.

LS Engine swaps require the use of a "muscle car" pan such as the Holley 302-2 or GM pan.
Holley 302-2 Oil Pan

More Information
PB Fab
Chevy / GMC
1963-66, 1967-72
Build time
Typical Production Time is 4-5 weeks
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